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Inspire Yoga REG-CF

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14 Investors Interested

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Raise Start Date: 
Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Raise End Date: 
Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Raise Target Date: 
Wednesday, August 31, 2022
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Jason M. Tyra, CPA, PLLC


Today you have an exciting opportunity to own shares in a company that will be a Franchisor. 

Inspire Yoga Franchisor, LLC will use the funds from this REG-CF Offering to complete the franchise process and offer franchises for sale across the country.

This equity investment grants ownership in Inspire Yoga Franchisor, LLC along with profit disbursements based on your percentage of ownership.


Inspire Yoga is already an established brand.

11 years of operation and 4 locations.

The REG CF investment model complements the historical community involvement of our brand.  Everyone now has the opportunity to be on board with the company BEFORE we level up and shoot for the big time. 



How good will it feel the next time you roll out your mat for class knowing you own the place?



The benefits Inspire Yoga clients experience are exactly what the world needs more of these days.

Reduced stress, improved mood, increased metabolism, strengthened immune system, weight loss, pain relief, increased flexibility, detoxification, fatigue reduction, improved skin complexion, and a healthy boost of self-esteem are all associated with active participation at Inspire Yoga.

Key elements that produce those benefits include physical movement patterns, infrared heat, music, and honest human connection with a caring instructor and a dedicated group of like-minded peers. 


The overall community is guided by a best in class yoga teacher training program.


Operating in Texas’s densely populated Denton County with over 900,000 people, Inspire Yoga won best yoga studio every year for the last 11 years!



Our management, instructors, and staff have been around the block a few times already and we are ready for the challenge.  It is a very large overall market yet it remains extremely fragmented.  Thousands of one-off ‘mom and pop’ yoga studios exist in the shadow of a couple of well-funded brands. 

After 11 years and 4 locations, Inspire Yoga is at a growth inflection point with the right infrastructure, talent, team, and support to experience steady and sustained success.  With a REG CF offering and your help, we can do what the mom and pops can’t.  And because we will bring our loyal community with us as owners, we will succeed where the corporate brands have failed.



Consider that you still cannot get a haircut over the internet.  And so too you cannot experience the spark of life that comes from a great group class without physically being there. This reality will never change.

At Inspire Yoga we believe there is no substitute for being present in the moment.  This literally means physically in the presence of others with mindful activeness.  It is a basic human need that we serve.  We are social creatures and we need each other’s heart felt company.



This project moves forward after we meet our capital raise goal.  The next layer of what makes Inspire Yoga special is that every single brand fan who wants to be an owner now has that chance so long as you are fast enough. 

Get involved with confidence that your assets can work for you and make other people's lives better. Make an investment and support the betterment of your community.


Very truly yours,

Adam Pilat

[email protected]