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Fair Winds Capital Investments, LLC (REG-CF)

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021
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Wednesday, September 1, 2021
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Wednesday, September 1, 2021
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Fair Winds Capital Investments, LLC brings to you an opportunity to provide quality, affordable housing across the Southeast while receiving regular dividends paid monthly. Our opportunity is unique in that you can become a passive investor with us for as low as $500. We offer an equity investment in exchange for 6% preferred return along with additional distributions based on your equity ownership.

Introducing Fair Winds Capital Investments

Founded by Navy veterans, Fair Winds Capital Investments, LLC is an industry-leading owner of hundreds of apartments across Hampton Roads providing quality, affordable housing to thousands of our residents and quality returns to our investors. We buy apartment communities that are poorly managed; then we improve the properties, take care of the residents, and improve the local communities while providing amazing returns to our investors.

Business Model

The rate we pay our investors is based on our proven business model of value-add apartment community acquisitions. As we add value to these undervalued properties by increasing the income and decreasing the expenses, we increase the cash flow and force appreciation. Next, we cash out refinance or exit based on the increased market value and market climate. Our business model provides impressive returns to our investors while taking care of our residents and our properties. We offer monthly preferred returns to our investors, additional monthly distributions based on their equity ownership in the investment pool, and return of investment capital from the cash out refinance and sale profits. Investments are held for six years while earning dividends for a total of eight years.

Use of Investment Funds Investment funds are used as working capital and reserves to buy and operate apartment communities. We leverage loans from 70-80% of the initial property value while utilizing the investment funds to cover the remainder of the purchase price, upfront rehab, and necessary operations reserves. After covering the operations expenses, budgeting for future expenses, and paying the mortgage, the remaining cash flow is distributed as a monthly dividend payment to our investors. Our upfront improvements and streamlined operations allow us to keep our recurring expenses low while maintaining an impressive income collection (because our residents love the communities we provide!). In turn, we are able to pay our investors a healthy return on their investment, paid monthly.  

Fair Winds Capital Investments Team

Our operations team currently has management level ownership of 603 multi-family units across five markets in the Southeast. Our team’s value add strategy has increased property value by an average of 45% in as little as four months with one outlier attaining a 109% value add in 12 months.

Our property management partner (Vicinia Property Management) manages over 3,800 units in our target markets, with proven success going from 76% to 98% occupancy at a breakneck pace.

Our SEC attorney (The Ferebee Group) has been in the securities compliance business for over a decade and has experience in establishing and maintaining complex syndications and funds.

Our CPA (PC Financial Services) has been our accountant for three years and is well versed in all aspects of real estate tax strategies including cost segregation, depreciation, and safe harbor.