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Friday, June 25, 2021
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Wednesday, August 30, 2023
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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

We are building a flagship, multi purpose, all vegan grocery store.  An intial, anchor location to support mutliple expansions, serving diverse communities around the state of Minnesota.  A destination resource that is also serving as an example to the world of how to best provide necessary nourishment to our communities.  A model for providing necessary nourishment for existence in a way that no longer threatens our ability to exist.  The biggest, most sustainable, and progressive vegan grocery store in the country.

Do you have the energy to create a whole new model of commerce?  The energy to destroy the failed status quo and help build community supportive resources?   The energy to create equitable, sustainable, self reliant systems that no longer rely on the world and community destroying inequity inherent in colonizing corporate structures and their fragile, energy intensive global supply chains?  

Great!  Let's build a model of resourceful commerce that can actually be meaningful and still around in 50 years.  One that doesn't value short term profits for a few people in exchange for literally destroying the lives and security of the communities they profit off of.

As the dire financial consequences of the climate crisis, global instability, labor shortages, economic disparity & insecurity, reliance on finite resources that are costly and damaging to procure, and crumbling outdated infrastructure become more and more evident and understood with each passing day, it is time to take the lead in creating the alternatives to the failed status quo.  A status quo built on business plans that are not sustainable, that only create profit and security for a chosen few, and that actively harm the very communities whose security and stability these business need to rely on to further and ridiculously enrich the chosen few.

This community is joining together to create a resource that helps create the most important thing any endeavor needs to succeed: a thriving and secure community around it.  Eureka Compass Vegan Food was founded in 2017 with the mission statement: Our only goal is to completely change the world.  Now, over 4 years later, with a proven track record of growth, impact, and a worldwide community of supporters, we are ready to fully explore the potential in this community to create a model of community supportive commerce that is built to sustain growth and security for as many people as possible in sustainable perpetuity.

Building off my over 30 years of experience across all sectors of the food resource industry, I have devised a model that reduces waste, decreases reliance on insecure global and national supply chains, and offers a plethora of diverse services that appeal to numerous different consumer communities.  The structure of this community supportive, profit sharing security is such that it encourages and rewards a dedicated group of "active investors".  Households that feel empowered to take actions in support of growing and securing the success of this endeavor so that it can achieve to the fullest potential in the role of a necessary resource for the comfort and security of all the communities served by this endeavor.  It is structured to appeal to nontraditional investors.  In a country where 89% of public stocks are controlled by 10% of the population, we need to offer alternatives that are accessible and no longer support the base problem of wealth disparity.  Let us move past celebrating the already ridiculously wealthy only increasing their wealth by profitting off the controlling interests in another person's hard work and creativity.  Let us free ourselves from the failed perception of personal wealth, and begin building the only wealth that matters: communal wealth!

Due to the truly unique and progressive model of operations that I have developed, there isn't a lot of information that is going to be made available here.  Here is a quick synopsis of the plan:

  1. Secure necessary nourishment for the community in a sustainable, regionally self reliant, & resilient manner.
  2. Offer a large variety of services and distribution models that acknowledges the diversity of consumers in the community, (such as, but not limited too: catering, value added prepared foods, pick up, subscription service, home delivery, educational & instructional content, and hosted events that bring communities together).
  3. Identify and support local creators to actively develop partner businesses that help build a stronger local economy and greater security in procurement of nourishing resources for the community.
  4. Building communal wealth and nurturing an active & engaged community of supporters through thousands of households in St. Paul's Hamline Midway neighborhood and the Twin Cities Metro area investing between $500-$1000 in a profit sharing, nonvoting, security offering.
  5. Expand variations of the model throughout the state.  Create various concepts that meet the needs of the new locations, and bring more financial security to the original community supporting the creation of this resource.
  6. Help this model for sustainable distribution of necessary nourishment expand beyond the state of Minnesota by offering for profit consulting and intellectual assistance to interested parties in other states.  We do not want to stretch ourselves too far, or act as colonizers forcing a bland, homogenous cookie cutter into other communities, but do want to share our knowledge and experience in service of a common, greater good.
  7.  Create a resource that the community wants to be seen at, wants to support and help grow, wants their patronage to be a statement and demonstration of their values and efforts; a destination resource that sustains and supports and proudly represents a worldwide community of motivated and progressive households putting values into action.

I am more than happy to prioritize sitting down with, or connecting remotely with, anyone who is interested in hearing more about this project and helping to build this resource.  To share more of the vision, plans, and goals of this mission driven endeavor is one of the greatest joys in my life!  Mostly, I want to make it very clear: this is not for those looking to be cowardly in the face of an existentialist threat.  This is not for those, so frightened of disrupting that faint amount of unstable security the status quo has afforded them, that they will turn away from anything new or divergent.  This is not for those looking to just throw money at something, and expect to get even wealthier off the creativity and hard work of another.  These models and norms are failed.  They failed the vast majority of the world, and their time is done.

This is for those who want to respect the full power and courage of conviction that comes from embracing each individual's ability to positively impact the world through personal responsibility and direct action.  This is for those who understand that the only thing worth investing in, the only thing we can count on, the only entity that sustains us, is community.  Through building self reliant, secure, and thriving communities, all else will grow.  

I would love to chat with you about this project, how you can assist in bringing this new model of sustainable commerce to fruition, and how our work together can help create security and benefits to a multitude of communities.  Thank you for reading this!

Colin Anderson


[email protected]

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