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Eureka Compass Vegan Food Investment Crowdfunding

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Friday, June 25, 2021
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Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Monday, January 31, 2022


If you are reading this, you may be as surprised as I am that we are standing on this precipice. 

When I started Eureka Compass Vegan Food, I never imagined how much it would grow, and where the path would lead us.  But, here we are!!

This is a very exciting time for the Eureka Compass Community!  After four years of building this community, learning how Eureka Compass can best serve as a resource for the neighborhood, and a model of sustainability, partner development, and philanthropic purpose, it is time for us to really see what the potential for impact and meaningful progress here at Eureka Compass can be.

Yes, at the core of this project is the simple act of being a vegan grocery store.  For some, we are just selling food, and that’s a pretty awesome purpose in and of itself, but in reality, we are building something so much greater!  We are creating a resource that will model sustainability, collaborative business partnerships, community development, philanthropic responsibility, and generating equitable prosperity that builds thriving communities.  This is an investment in a community: a resilient, complex system of many communites.

Over these last 4 years I have gained incredible confidence in the ability of Eureka Compass Vegan Food to be a leader in the vegan food and in the Twin Cities business community.  I started Eureka Compass Vegan Food on a shoestring budget.  Over the last 4 years I have focused on measured, modest growth; constantly investing funds back into the operation as I learned more and more about the needs and consumer habits of the Eureka Compass Community.  The purpose of this investment offering is to put all of that knowledge and experience into creating the resource that this community has demonstrated it desires. 

The proof of concept has been achieved.  We aren’t building something that we think people will support, we are building a resource that we know this community will support.  Although I have done traditional crowdfunding campaigns, I understand the ability within private businesses to reward support with a share of the prosperity.  That is why we are offering this profit-sharing security.  We want to offer an opportunity for more families and household to benefit from this endeavor.  We want to create a community of supporters who are truly invested in the success of this mission.  A community that is working with us to not only achieve our goals, but to work together to grow the meaningful impacts of the Eureka Compass mission.  We want to create a space and resource that shows the pride and respect we have in this community; a model of compassionate commerce and thriving, sustainable community.

Please, explore the project, discover more about the journey that brought this community to this exciting moment. 

Feel free to use the Discuss button above to ask questions about our vision, and this offering.

Thank you!

Colin Anderson, Founder & Owner, Eureka Compass Vegan Food.

(Update posted on 9/29/2021)

Hey there!

You are invited to join Colin & Erin for a Zoom meeting.
When: Oct 14, 2021 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Once you have registered for this meeting, I will send you an easy, GF & vegan recipe that you can prepare at home, and we can all enjoy the same meal while we gather remotely to discuss the Eureka Compass Vegan Food expansion project.


Topics we will cover:

1.  How did we get here?  What happened with Neighborhood Development Center?  Who is Silicon Prairie?  What are you doing these days?

2.  The unorthodox and radically progressive structuring of the community supportive, profit sharing security offering: "This isn't how you do this!" and other encouraging things I hear from people who are confronted by any deviation from the failed status quo.

3.  What does $300,000 build?  What does $400,000 build?  What does $1.5 million build?

4.  What is the timeline for this resource being built and serving the community?  What are the expectations for returns on an investment in Eureka Compass and helping to build this resource?

5.  What are the long term goals for Eureka Compass?  How does the creation of this initial resource help to achieve those goals?

6.  How can you help?

7.  Why I believe in this community: Proof of concept, a steady and patient history of growth, and the necessity of rising to the challenges of the moment.

8.  What do I mean when I say the only goal of Eureka Compass is to, "Completely change the world"?


Erin will be managing the Zoom, and will be able to field questions submitted in the chat.  If you are unable to attend on the 14th, I will be recording the Zoom meeting, and can share the meeting with you after the 14th.  Also, you are always welcome to reach out to me directly and set up a time to catch up!  I have so valued every conversation I have had with members of this community since leaving the original location.  I will always make time to sit down and converse, in person, with any member of this community.


Also, as I announced on Instagram, our next Community Dinner is on Sat. 10/16 over at Brake Bread on West, 7th St. here in Saint Paul.  These events are usually pretty busy, but they are great opportunities to gather with other members of this community, enjoy an affordable and accessible vegan meal, and get some questions answered.  


I hope you can join Erin and I on the 14th!

Enjoy the day,